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Call of the Crusade

It’s here and laggy!  But really, it looks like a cool patch.

If you haven’t been following the news then catch up at with there handy Guide.


In other news: Back to Ulduar 25 tonight!  I’ll be in from the start this week with the guild.

Edit: I have a new round of achievements from today’s Ulduar 25 seen below:



Ambassador Coldarra

I worked on my DeathKnight’s home city factions since he was close to exalted on all of them.

Ambassador Coldarra

Ambassador Coldarra

He now goes by the title Ambassador (from earning [Ambassador of the Alliance] today). Like my Priest before him, all he needs to do is earn Exalted status with the Argent Crusade and he’ll have his Crusader title/achievement.

I think Ambassador is a good title for him — he’ probably stick with that even after earning Crusader. I mainly want the achievement complete so he can continue to do all available Argent Daily quests once patch 3.2 hits.


My 25man Progress


Hearthing after a good night's run

Tonight was my first night in 25man with the guild I’ve apped too. After raiding with them on 10man early this week, I switched to Destruction (from Affliction).  I grabbed another handful of achievements from the raid tonight.  I’m just happy to have finally down all four keepers down on 25man (sad yes). 
[Heroic: Stokin’ the Furnace]
[Heroic: Cheese the Freeze]
[Heroic: I’ll Take You All On]
[Heroic: Lose Your Illusion]
[Heroic: Firefighter]
[Heroic: The Keepers of Ulduar]



Yogg One Light – 10man

Today was a fun day.  Today was the day that I saw Yogg-Saron for the first time (past phase one) and downed him on the second most difficult mode (One Light).



My 10man Ulduar (Trial Run)

Tonight I ran with my realm’s second best 25man progression guild in a 10man Ulduar.


In my current guild, the only hard-mode on 10man that we’ve attempted is XT-002 Deconstructor’s Heartbreaker. The guild I’m running with has completed the 10man Ulduar Meta Achievement.

So I read up on all hardmodes up to and including Mimiron.  I’m glad I did because they do all the 10man bosses on hardmode.

I got what seems like half my own meta achievement completed.  I had only done two towers on Flame Leviathan but now I have all these achievements from tonight: [Nuked from Orbit], [Orbit-uary], [Siffed], [Lose Your Illusion], [Heartbreaker], [I Could Say That This Cache Was Rare].

After tonight, I see why Affliction is not a popular choice for hardmodes.  The burst damage is just not there so I’ll need to use Destruction for some of the encounters.  My warlock has the dual-spec but I rarely use my secondary which is currently Destruction.  I’ll tweak it some so I can use it in a raid as well as practice with it outside of raid.



PvP Time?

Currently, my main is sitting at 630 achievements (6735 pts) which is not too bad.. but like any other addict, I want more! My friend Arcticsky has the most points in the guild (I’m #2) and she is ahead of me by a good 1100+ point lead.


Not a full set of PvP Gear but I have some nice pieces.

I think it’s time to start on those PvP achievements… like [Battlemaster]!  I did accomplish The Exalted after-all, many months ago.  That took me back to finish many classic WoW factions.

Hey, dream big — right?  I think I’ll go for Loremaster before I would Battlemaster, but I do plan to start working on many PvP achievements to bump my rank/points up some.

I know many guildies are interested in doing some pre-made PvP battleground raids.  I’ll just have to get into that with them — here I come hordies

wowTwitter note: I submitted a screenshot at:wowtwitter_pvp-blast-small


King(s) of the Fire Festival

Well, today marks the end of 2009’s Midsummer Fire Festival (6/21 – 7/5).

I must say that I’m glad the festival is a whole two weeks.  The start of my week-long family vacation this year was also the start of the festival in WoW. So the first thing I did when I arrived home last weekend was to go through and do the entire world event on my main character.

After completing  [The Flame Warden] on my warlock I realized that he made at least 750g or more from doing the event!  From there I thought about my two level 80 alts and how horrible there current titles (Jenkins & Stormwind) were.

So it began, I logged over to my DeathKnight the next day and started traveling the world to every bonfire, just like my main character did. After completing the event and earning Coldarra’s new title over the course of two days I then thought, “I made like 1000g and achieved a new title!”

It was time for the 2nd alt, Mazer then completed the event which I did in one day’s time.  Unlike my other two level 80s, Mazer leveled a lot through instances so he had not traveled much of the world.  So in the process of getting him a new title, I also picked up any flight paths he was missing. (DeathKnights are created with all Eastern Kingdoms & Kalimdor flight points with the exception of Ghostlands.)

So what did I do this week? I worked towards and completed [The Flame Warden] on three level 80s!



For those who do not know,  V-07-TR-0N is the last phase in the Mimiron boss fight.  thorium10man
For the last two weeks, the guild 10-man group I run with have got to Mimiron which is the last boss we need for [The Keepers of Ulduar].
Glory screenshot of one-shot & first-time Thorim kill ->

So far we’ve completed: [Shutout][Nerf Gravity Bombs][I Choose You, Stormcaller Brundir][Nerf Engineering][Shattered][A Quick Shave][Orbital Bombardment][Orbital Devastation][Dwarfageddon][Must Deconstruct Faster][I Have the Coolest Friends]

We’ve only been running for an average 7 hours per week, just Fridays and Sundays since we run 25mans in the guild Monday through Thursday.


They Love Me In That Tunnel

After about four or five hours of work, I earned [They Love Me In That Tunnel].
I went from Unfriendly all the way to Exalted in just one day.  Patch 3.0.8 was a great patch for reputation and achievement junkies.

Timbermaw Hold was the last reputation I need for [The Diplomat] achievement and title. Wootz




Down with the Drakes

sartharion-danceLast night marked the [Heroic: Twilight Duo] achievement for 25 of my guildies.

On our first night of trying Sartharion with two drakes up, we earned our achievement!

I must admit it is a very interesting fight.  It’s one that you must watch your footing, surroundings and aggro even more so then many fights in WOTLK.  We finished off the Two Drakes with around 10 players dead.  This made the actual boss fight (Sartharion) take a good 7minuites it seemed.  I know that three heroisms were used throughout the entire encounter.  We’ve been fortunate to have two-three shamans in our 25mans lately.