TheBlueMeep is at it again!

“Greetings fellow travelers of the Internets and beyond. I am known by many names, but most know me as TheBlueMeep. I work and do content for many sites including other sites I own. I started out about 4 years ago with a social networking blog featuring my writings, thoughts, and friendship for others. Over the last few months I have been branching out even more expanding on my namesake and offering quality content for my readers no matter what site or project I am working on.  Today I am launching into my next site that I am sure many people will enjoy. After catering to many other loves in my life it would be only fitting that I have a site devoted to video games. I have always been a gamer and have always had a high interest in anything related to gaming. Many years back I actually made a personally scrapbook of video gaming history detailing every video game released along with the history of all the consoles.”

Check out TheBlueMeep’s latest site at:

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