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The Orange Box – Games

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I just bought Valve’s The Orange Box:   It’s only $40 for FIVE (great) Steam Games. Half-Life 2 HL2 Episode One HL2 Episode Two Team Fortress 2 Portal I already have HL2 but the other four are new, I have played the Portal Demo though (First Slice) and really enjoyed it.  Team Fortress 2 looks pretty good too, I have the Classic version of that already.  The cool thing about already HL2 is the fact that Valve allows you to pass your extra copy to a friend if you want. =D  Neat.

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Game Taglines / Anti-Piracy Spoof

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Top 10 Cleverest Games Marketing Taglines: 1. “Live in your world, play in ours” PS2, Sony 2. “Welcome To The Next Level” Super NES, Sega 3. “It’s in the game” – EA Sports 4. “Wii Would Like To Play” Wii, Nintendo 5. “Finish the Fight” Halo, Bungie Studios 6. “Genesis Does What Nintendon’t” Genesis, Sega 7. “Touching is Good” – DS, Nintendo 8. “Life is short. Play more” – Xbox, Microsoft 9. “What’s your game?” – World of Warcraft, Blizzard 10. “Now you’re playing with power” – NES, Nintendo ————————————————————————————- Anti-Piracy Ad from The IT Crowd [youtube MTbX1aMajow]