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Scroll of ResuRAWResome

Most folks in the WoW community probably know about the new Scroll of Resurrection program details.
If you haven’t yet been informed, check it out! More Details: Scroll of Resurrection / Official FAQ Section

(For a limited time, accounts are upgraded to Cataclysm for free too!)


Warlock Drawing

My Brother took a screenshot from my Warlock and drew it — the result is what you see below!

The screenshot was from Firelands era so the gear is T12. (Click to load Full-Res Scan)


(Click to load Full-Res Scan)


PC Upgrade 2011

Christmas was simple this year, did not have a big family gathering. Simple is not bad though and my PC got some love. I built my current PC back in May (2011) with the base stats of Intel i5 3.2 GHz w/ 8GB DDR3 and my old 64GB SSD & GeForce GTS 250. The Holidays brought about some new additions:

Now my system is max’d at 16GB of RAM with two Solid-State Drives thus my operating system is once again booting at lightning speeds and I can keep my main games on the new SSD (such as WoW).
It’s good to be wireless once again with my headset as well!
I’m excited to use my new pen tablet and try out some web comic making eventually.


Blizzard WoW Annual Pass, Check!

What is a WoW Annual Pass?
The WoW Annual Pass is a twelve month World of Warcraft subscription which can be paid for in monthly installments.

When do I get Diablo III and the other exclusive benefits?
You’ll be able to download and play Diablo III as soon as it’s available and once you complete the one-year term, it’s yours to keep, even if you cancel your subscription. Tyrael’s Charger will be available with Patch 4.3, and beta access will go live with the beta launch.


Monoprice, Always Winning

Warning, this post is almost a real blog entry! *Gasp* Anyways, I wanted to share an awesome website for those who have been overpaying for various cables assemblies.

Monoprice is the word of the day. For all your cable and adapter-like needs. I used to use Ebay primarily for such things but now I just head over to Monoprice for such things.

This is why Monoprice is always winning: I can buy all that stuff below when it would cost me pretty much $20 per item in a store (like BestBuy and Staples, or even Walmart).

Just the simple DVI to VGA adapter (below for $1.56) would have cost me $20 at almost any brick-and-mortar store.

(Monoprice) Product Qty. Unit Price

HDMI Male to DVI-D Single Link Female Adapter
1 $2.41

15ft USB 2.0 A Male to A Female Extension 28/24AWG Cable – Beige
1 $1.84

DB9 (VGA) M/DB9 M, Molded Gender Changer
1 $1.02

DVI-A Dual Link Male to HD15(VGA) Female Adapter (Gold Plated)
1 $1.56

6ft 28AWG CL2 Dual Link DVI-D Cable – Black
1 $5.25

6ft SVGA Super VGA M/F Monitor Cable w/ ferrites
1 $2.94

Subtotal : $15.02
Shipping & Handling Cost (3-5 Day) : $8.30
GRAND TOTAL : $23.32


Upgrade: Logitech Performance Mouse MX

So I just bought one of these tonight for $80 @ Newegg ||Logitech Performance Mouse MX
I’ve used two MX Revolutions over the last 3 years & now this one’s middle mouse click is failing
So upgrade time! Apparently this model is the new one that I just bought. Looks good on paper, we’ll see.
I kinda don’t care about the “Darkfield Laser Tracking” although being able to use my mouse on glass (4mm+ thick) is pretty neat.

Edit: Image added below


Winged Guardian, Haters gon Hate

Had to buy me a Winged Guardian to add to my various character’s collections.

$25 via Blizz Store –

It does a growl/spread wings for /mountspecial. Click an image to load full-res/large.


New PC Build 2011

Well my birthday has come & gone now, funds from this year attributed to info below.

I can happily report that I’ve actually put WoW’s slider to ULTRA in the graphics settings and I still get at least 40FPS in Stormwind. rawr

Case: ANTEC One Hundred ATX
CPU: Intel i5 2400 (3.10 GHz Quad)
Motherboard: Intel BOXDH67CLB3 1155 ATX
RAM: Corsair 8GB (2×4) D3 1600
PSU: PCPower 650w Silencer Mk II
HDD: 500GB WesternDigital Blue Sata 6.0
Optical: 22x DVDRW SATA w/LightScribe

Not shown in picture (not new, these are from my last PC)
GFX: Nvidia GTS 250 1GB
Also using Windows 7 Professional x64


Good Morning, Viet… Magicka!

Yes, I do enjoy Robbin Williams movies but Magicka even more so!

Today Magicka released it’s first real DLC: Magicka Vietnam for $5 on Steam. Needless to say, it was the first thing I went to upon firing up my browser this morning. I paid my $5 and then started playing around with the two new Challenge modes after changing my avatars appearance to the new DLC Vietnam solider look (which comes with Grenade-Throwing staff).

Just like the game itself, I’d recommend the $5 DLC. A good thing for multiplayer (CO-OP) is that only the ‘host’ has to have the DLC bought and all the people connecting can play the content without having bought it themselves. But hey, it’s cheap–go for it.

DLC Features LinkYoutube TrailerSteam Store Page


Do you believe in Magic..ka?

Been fooling around with Magicka the last few days. Cheap but fun game.

There is a story and a Challenge mode, online (up to 4) and solo modes. I made a small clip below.