Good Morning, Viet… Magicka!

Yes, I do enjoy Robbin Williams movies but Magicka even more so!

Today Magicka released it’s first real DLC: Magicka Vietnam for $5 on Steam. Needless to say, it was the first thing I went to upon firing up my browser this morning. I paid my $5 and then started playing around with the two new Challenge modes after changing my avatars appearance to the new DLC Vietnam solider look (which comes with Grenade-Throwing staff).

Just like the game itself, I’d recommend the $5 DLC. A good thing for multiplayer (CO-OP) is that only the ‘host’ has to have the DLC bought and all the people connecting can play the content without having bought it themselves. But hey, it’s cheap–go for it.

DLC Features LinkYoutube TrailerSteam Store Page

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