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Fiery Warhorse’s Reins

Victory! After farming Karazhan weekly on (4-characters) it finally dropped! [Fiery Warhorse’s Reins]


Scroll of ResuRAWResome

Most folks in the WoW community probably know about the new Scroll of Resurrection program details.
If you haven’t yet been informed, check it out! More Details: Scroll of Resurrection / Official FAQ Section

(For a limited time, accounts are upgraded to Cataclysm for free too!)


Warlock Drawing

My Brother took a screenshot from my Warlock and drew it — the result is what you see below!

The screenshot was from Firelands era so the gear is T12. (Click to load Full-Res Scan)


(Click to load Full-Res Scan)


Good to be Green

We’ve just passed the one year anniversary of Cataclysm‘s release, and it’s good to be green!

I spotted a Disgusting Oozeling in the Auction House for only 5,000 , so I snatched it up.

When you have the pet out, its aura turns you green — even while mount and such.

Oozeling's Disgusting Aura Effect

This pet dates back to Classic WoW, so it’s been around forever but it’s great to finally own.

Dec Live

The new Apex Community Website I’ve been working on is live now! at

This new website will allow Apex to continue gaming in any capacity while still having a central website location. StarWars: The Old Republic will be out in less than 10 days and it will mark the first major game some Apex members will be playing and utilizing this new website.

Background: I joined Apex, the guild on Garona [US] in World of Warcraft back in April this year. This guild itself has been around since the first week of WoW and has actually existed throughout many games over the years including EverQuest II before WoW. The interesting thing is that Apex Guild merged with my old guild Divinity back in the Burning Crusade expansion and has been somewhat inactive in the raiding scene since then. Apex has been revived in Cataclysm and it seems things have gone full circle and sideways — as I have joined a guild that once merged with my old guild. As Scary Movie 3 would say, that’s some Quantum sh1t.

Apex ftw


Looted: Key Art Poster

My poster came in the mail today that I ordered from Blizzard 2011!


Blizzard WoW Annual Pass, Check!

What is a WoW Annual Pass?
The WoW Annual Pass is a twelve month World of Warcraft subscription which can be paid for in monthly installments.

When do I get Diablo III and the other exclusive benefits?
You’ll be able to download and play Diablo III as soon as it’s available and once you complete the one-year term, it’s yours to keep, even if you cancel your subscription. Tyrael’s Charger will be available with Patch 4.3, and beta access will go live with the beta launch.


Now with over 11,000 AP

Time for a Warcraft update. Finally went back into ICC 10 to finish off Heroic LichKing that we did not kill at the end of WOTLK due to raid attendance dropping as Cata approached (my guild completed our Meta though).

So anyways, I dragged 9 other souls back into ICC last week to do Heroic LK for the Guild Achievement (and to finish player/individual version). We went back this last Friday and completed the Meta for those who needed it that showed up for our H LK kill last week.

Total time played as of this post: 316 days
*on my main character alone

Profile: www.Warlock.Uriah.Me


Firelands Alysrazor Flying Point of View

Figured I’d record and share my role in this crazy fight.

This is the Firelands boss Alysrazor from a flying Point of View


Tri-Monitor Setup now

My Monoprice order has been delivered so now I have my HDMI-to-VGA adapter for my 3rd (15″) monitor, seen on the Left below:

Picture of Desk/Setup

Screenshot of Desktop

Click the images above to view the full size.