ApexGamers.org Live

The new Apex Community Website I’ve been working on is live now! at www.ApexGamers.org

This new website will allow Apex to continue gaming in any capacity while still having a central website location. StarWars: The Old Republic will be out in less than 10 days and it will mark the first major game some Apex members will be playing and utilizing this new website.

Background: I joined Apex, the guild on Garona [US] in World of Warcraft back in April this year. This guild itself has been around since the first week of WoW and has actually existed throughout many games over the years including EverQuest II before WoW. The interesting thing is that Apex Guild merged with my old guild Divinity back in the Burning Crusade expansion and has been somewhat inactive in the raiding scene since then. Apex has been revived in Cataclysm and it seems things have gone full circle and sideways — as I have joined a guild that once merged with my old guild. As Scary Movie 3 would say, that’s some Quantum sh1t.

Apex ftw

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