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Fiery Warhorse’s Reins

Victory! After farming Karazhan weekly on (4-characters) it finally dropped! [Fiery Warhorse’s Reins]


Good to be Green

We’ve just passed the one year anniversary of Cataclysm‘s release, and it’s good to be green!

I spotted a Disgusting Oozeling in the Auction House for only 5,000 , so I snatched it up.

When you have the pet out, its aura turns you green — even while mount and such.

Oozeling's Disgusting Aura Effect

This pet dates back to Classic WoW, so it’s been around forever but it’s great to finally own.


Now with over 11,000 AP

Time for a Warcraft update. Finally went back into ICC 10 to finish off Heroic LichKing that we did not kill at the end of WOTLK due to raid attendance dropping as Cata approached (my guild completed our Meta though).

So anyways, I dragged 9 other souls back into ICC last week to do Heroic LK for the Guild Achievement (and to finish player/individual version). We went back this last Friday and completed the Meta for those who needed it that showed up for our H LK kill last week.

Total time played as of this post: 316 days
*on my main character alone

Profile: www.Warlock.Uriah.Me


Firelands Alysrazor Flying Point of View

Figured I’d record and share my role in this crazy fight.

This is the Firelands boss Alysrazor from a flying Point of View


Coldarra wielder of Thunderfury

My DeathKnight Coldarra has completed the [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker] legendary sword from Molten Core tonight.

All I can say is that the RNG Gods favored him. I ran MC a few times this last month with him (solo) when I was bored.
So I ran MC last night, Monday, before raid reset – Bam – Garr dropped the Right Half of Thunderaan’s Eternal Prison. Tuesday came along today and I ran through it again (after I did on my warlock first of course) and – Bam – Baron drops the other half.

So I took the MATs I have saved for my Warlock (when the other half drops for him) and made the sword on my DK!
I’ll still be running MC weekly on the warlock til he gets it complete too!


Greetings, Professor Uriahworld here

Well I finally got around to working Archaeology for the last few days.

And thus I completed my 20th (& 21st) rare project today for: It Belongs in a Museum!


Cataclysm here, 85 after two days

The mighty Deathwing has broke through Deepholm into our Realm…

Updates coming soon! [email protected]


Getting Close to the ICC Meta

My Guild is getting close, inching evermore closer towards the ICC 10 meta achievement.

With Professor Putricide down (7/15/10), we now need Sindragosa on Heroic and to clean up a few more achievements for the [Glory of the Icecrown Raider (10 player)]. Unfortuently I had to sign off the Warlock and onto my Warrior tank (Rackham) for our first Professor Putricide kill but all in due time I suppose. (I did the same thing for our first LK kill.)

My ultimate personal goal for the Expansion is to complete end game content which is currently obtaining the [Reins of the Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher] (Meta Reward) and at least working on Heroic LK 10. My previous guild was a good one (Divinity) but never progressed nearly as far as I would have liked in previous end game scenarios. So I really do not want a repeat of that this time around, you can attribute that to my guild quit after three years of membership with them last year.

The sad part about this whole thing is that for 70,000 Gold I could go and buy the entire Meta achievement from our Server/Realm’s #1 PvE Guild (Edge). I had hoped to actually get this done and overwith before people started selling meta/mount runs for ICC10 but we are kinda close. 70k Gold is not chump change for me but it is still a hefty chunk of money for something in-game.

Anyways, along with Heroic Sindragosa, the guild currently needs: [Full House], [All You Can Eat], & [Been Waiting a Long Time for This].


Ironforge Bank Laser Attack

Ironforge Bank Laser Attack, totally not a corny title.

So my Mage friend and I are bored, thus we’re zapping unsuspecting folks in Ironforge with our Dark Jade Focusing Lens! Do you want to get ontop of the Bank like us? Check out Youtube videos about it like this one, need a mage though!

Music: Myndflame – Defias Mightiest (You can Download the MP3 Here)


Guild ICC Heroic Modes

Tuesday was our first step into Heroic Modes with ICC10, three down so far!


I think Icecrown Citadel, at least on Heroic, presents an interesting challenge for Raid Leaders. With the ability to toggle Heroic on and off, you have to make your own plan of attack such as who to focus on first.

During our first week, we took out the first three bosses with relative ease but then the fourth, Saurfang, is a whole other ballgame. We ended up skipping him (killing him on normal mode) for this week so we could try other bosses on our way to Lich King such as Blood Queen and Dreamwalker.