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Grunty Arrives

After a month of waiting, I finally received my code for Grunty via email!


I applied my code and received my [The Marine Marine] achievement on all characters after I logged them in and looted the egg!

It’s funny to think that people would buy the Grunty code from the Blizzcon ’09 goodie bag (from Ebay) for almost $100.  If they were patient then all folks had to do was buy the $40 stream service and save a load of money.  The current ’email’ codes seem to be going for $20-30 on Ebay.



Lil’ Game Hunter

Who would know that there are alligators in quests bags.

Click for Larger Image

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Chuck was my 75th pet so I also got the achievement [Lil’ Game Hunter] as soon as I summoned him.
Here’s my little Little Deer… that has basically no animation.

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More points to come!