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iPhone Upgrade

This post is being brought to you via an app on my new iPhone 3G S!

I’m very happy so far with my new mobile device. It is a huge step up from my old Net10 prepay tracphone! So after a year of waiting I bought this phone yesterday & have been exploring the many features since then.

Camera Pic from iPhone



HP 23" 1080p LCD – Tech

Oh yes… I am now rocking a HP 23″ 1080p LCD (w2338h) monitor!  Large upgrade from the 19″ I’ve been using for a year now.


Prior to this 23″ I was running with the 19″ Widescreen (seen in the photo to the right) and a 15″ standard LCD as my secondary.  So this upgraded was a 4″ jump for both monitor positions! The new 23″ comes with (1) HDMI and (1) VGA port.  My NVIDIA GeForce 9800 has (2) DVI ports but luckily I have a HDMI to DVI adapter saved  from my last card so I was able to utilize the HDMI port immediately.