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Passport Drives Unite


Well, the WD 500GB External (3.5″) was disappointing as well thanks to the long delays between spin-downs and that it still generates heat, like the Seagate did, when not in use.

I returned the drive because I did not feel it was worth $170.  I’ve dropped the External want for now and have settled for another WD Passport drive, 250GB model (2.5″) off my brother for a mere $30 (in store prices are at least $100 more than that).  It’s used but so is my older 160GB one I bought off him and it works 100% fine still to today.  (My Zune was in the photo so I mentioned it.)


Externals Galore!


So I bought a Western Digital My Book 80GB external HDD I think 3 years ago? and it’s a good drive but I’m now sick of running out of room on my external HDDs (and internal), I have a 160GB external WD ‘passport’ (2.5″) drive but it’s silly to use that as a main external HDD in my humble opinion.

Which leads to my latest purchase, the Seagate FreeAgent Pro 500GB.  This baby was on sale for $100 at BestBuy this week (down from $200).  It’s not only USB 2.0 but also eSATA, no firewire – however firewire 400 is silly and it comes with most externals.  800 would have been nice but hey, it was $100 and has some nice software tools/backup utilities (plus a 5-year warranty).


EDIT: I’ve since returned the Seagate drive because it would get hot enough to fry an egg with.  I bought a WD 500GB My Book and was not impressed with it either, so I took it back to the store as well.