New Rig!

Well my Birthday is tomorrow (21st) so I went and blew $900 at BestBuy Sunday.
Why would I do such a thing you might ask?  Because of this: HP Pavilion Media Center m8400f PC + 19" WideScreen LCD with built in speakers + HP All-in-one = 900 bucks in this weeks ad.

Oh yes.

Now picture those 4 cores at 2.2GHz bringing you these results:

Rawr, been playing World of Warcraft with full settings and still getting 35+ FPS in the cities.
Not to mention I can now enjoy Half Life 2 and the wonders of Garrys Mod (even my Portal Demo as well—it’s only thing that lags slightly with the settings cranked up).

This is a huge jump from my Laptop being my main computing platform at home.

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