Diablo III Hidden Level

Diablo III has been out for over two weeks now, & I’m one of the WoW Annual Pass owners playing it.

However, unlike a WoW expansion I’m not hitting it hardcore; my main is currently level 38. That’s my choice and I’m taking my time since completing normal mode. Nightmare is definitely a step up and I am curious to play Inferno / level 60. Not to mention there are many more ability specs to unlock.

Anyways, I thought I’d record and share the new ‘cow level‘ for Diablo, check it out below:

How do you get there? Assemble the Staff of Herding (or find a friend who has it), which requires retrieving a Blacksmith plan and 5 unique ingredients that are used only for the staff, located in remote, random locations or on special monsters. While otherwise useless and unimpressive looking besides it’s flavor text, the Staff of Herding is the key you will need, much like the old Wirt’s Leg.
Then you need to find the entrance to Whimsyshire and it’s legendary gatekeeper, for whom the staff is to be crafted. It’s back in Act I, off the Old Tristram road.

More info: www.ign.com/wikis/diablo-3/Whimsyshire


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