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Illegal Danish 3 Prelude – Video

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“Myndflame is excited to announce the release of the Illegal Danish 3 Prelude, a glimpse into the future of their in-house World of Warcraft fan films. Starting in 2005, Myndflame created “Zinwrath: The Movie”, a highly successful comedy known for its game-related humor, high production values, memorable characters, actors, and an all original soundtrack. Later evolving into the “Illegal Danish” franchise, “The Ballad of Dirti G” promises to continue the story in shorter episodes with more emphasis on character and story development with a shorter production time.”

The Prelude
‘A glimpse of the future, the Prelude to “Illegal Danish 3” focuses on the star character, a powerless but ambitious gnome named Dirti. In this series of events he undergoes a dark transformation into “Dirti G”, making him incredibly powerful under the supervision of the sinister Van Kraken. The premise of the prelude is to foreshadow the story to be told in future episodes in a clever parody of Blizzard Entertainment’s Starcraft 2 Cinematic trailer.”


Laggin Like That – Video

New release! Laggin Like That feat Gigi & Abandonation


28PatchesLater – Video

Part of a new Mini Series.   Music: In the House, In a Hear Beat



"The Colonel" – Classic Clips

Been pre-occupied with class finals and raiding 10-man Obsidian Sanctum (along with nightly guild raids)…. I promise more posts soon.

Until then, enjoy some Mel Gibson:

Mel Gibson in “The Colonel” on Jimmy Kimmel Live


The Ultimate Showdown – Classic Clips

Lemon Demon – The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny


Zinwrath – Classic Clips