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Deepholm the Patient Prot Pally

Been slacking a little with posting updates but here you go!

I present to you my level 80 Paladin, Deepholm!

This guy has actually been 80 for almost two weeks (from this post). The random dungeon finder graced me with the triumph the gear up fast to T9 232 ilvl average along with my ToC5 Heroic Sword!

I must admit I find my warrior to fill the tanking role better for my play style but this paladin has his own perks.

Level 80 Ding


Rackham, 80 Prot. Warrior

Despite the lack of posting about my new alts… I now have a level 80 Gnome Warrior!

Recently, I bought another WoW account (on sale for $5) and went through the recruit-a-friend process to link my two accounts together. Why do this? To gain the benefits of the R.A.F. of course! (I plan to post about my experience with the RAF later.)

It more or less allowed me to ‘pwrlvl’ him from 1-60 in a few days and from there I grinded to 68 in Outland. Once any of my characters hit 68, it will take me about a week to bump them to 80 thanks to the wonderfully laid out Northrend quests.

Thanks to patch 3.3’s [Emblem of Triumph] change, my newly leveled warrior only needs a handful more emblems for his (ilvl 245) helm and throwing weapon then he’ll be maxed-out gear wise. (With the exception of the new ICC 5mans and ToC & ICC raiding.) Not bad for a week’s worth of random heroics…