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Dig Site Website Aggro

Hello folks! Sorry for no update in awhile. I’ve been busy with various things but also with a new website focused on the World of Warcraft Secondary Profession: Archaeology which is due out with the Cataclysm Expansion.

Unfortunately I am still not part of the Beta myself, however I do have a good friend through whom I’m able to get the inside scoop. I plan on having much more content in place by the time of the actual Expansion release. (Here’s to hoping it will be a popular site!)

It’s still under construction but the link is below for anyone to take a look:
If you’re interested in contributing, shoot me an email.



[email protected]

Most folks who play WoW have probably heard about wowTwitter by now.  Well, you can find my characters online at wowTwitter!


wowTwitter - Click for Larger Screenshot ^

I’ll try to use this service but one major reason for my registration to the site can be credited to the Screenshot Contest that WoWInsider posted an article about. I hope to win! Just need to find that perfect shot, like everyone else is trying to do…

wowTwitter Links: UriahworldMazerColdarra



WoW Addons + Website Music

Update: I’ve included a Music player in the sidebar of my site!  Check it out sometime.


As I sat updating some mods today, I decided to compile a list of addons I use currently in World of Warcraft…

Here are some uncommon mods I use:

Bagnon is an addon that merges all of your bags into three frames: One for your inventory, one for your bank, and one for your keyring.

LootHog detects and tracks rolls which are made with ‘/random’ or ‘/roll’ and sorts them, allowing raid leaders to announce roll winners quickly and easily.

A remake of the built-in lootframe.

The full list can be found here:


Still working on it!

The site may be back up but I’m still setting things up and installing some things.  Everything should be up and working fine by this weekend, hopefully.


Until then enjoy these videos; more to come.



WoW – Level Up!


Mac vs PC


Hello World

The new site is up and running, using WordPress.  Thanks to SPW for the help with setting it up. :-D