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Northrend Fishing

Coldarra could be spotted fishing in Grizzly Hills these past few days.coldarra-fishing-northrend

He has migrated from standing around in the Stormwind Canals to Northrend, after reaching 330 Fishing skill.  His skill is actually 450 buffed up with  [Seth’s Graphite Fishing Pole] & [Sharpened Fish Hook].  The next step after wondering to Northrend is asking, “Where exactly should I fish.. and where can I fish?!”  That can be answered by one of my favorite WoW websites, El’s Extreme Anglin’ Fishing Guide.

El’s Extreme Anglin’ will tell you that most of the Northrend (the southern half) only requires 380 skill to cast and 480 to avoid “Get Aways”.  This means that at skill 450, some fish still eluded my poor Death Knight but not enough to make you fish worthless fish in Outland or anywhere else.  Some misses are worth it when you’re getting good fish you can actually use. 

Grizzly Hills was the chosen fishing hole because of the [Glacial Salmon] Schools of fish that spawn in the zone.  My warlock uses these fish in cooking for the spell power food [Firecracker Salmon].  Some other notable fish caught in this zone are the [Bonescale Snapper] and [Fangtooth Herring] which can both be cooked and sold on the Auction House or put in the Guild Bank.


One of the little perks from fishing is catching the parasitical [Pygmy Suckerfish].  Since Patch 3.0.8, the drop rate for these has seemed to double!  The great part is that you catch them along with whatever fish would have normally been hooked.

Alchemist can make the [Pygmy Oil] from this for use in Flasks. You can also drink 8 of them see what happens….


Leveling Fishing.. Again

Ah fishing… every one’s favorite profession on WoW.


Personally, I don’t mind fishing.  It pairs well with playing Bejeweled (addon) and talking on Vent or listening to some music.

My first max-level alt, Coldarra, is out to get his fishing up.  Everything is always maxed on my warlock and I like to keep that the same across both characters.

I earned the [1000 Fish] achievement shortly after reaching around skill 280.  The great thing about fishing is that you can now stand in one spot forever to skill up off catching fish.  I skilled up my warlock’s fishing by actually having to go to higher zones in classic WoW and then doing the same for Outlands in TBC expansion.

This means you can skill up to about 30-50 and go stand outside the Wailing Caverns and fish up something good like [Deviate Fish]!

Players have it easy now when it comes to fishing, so if anyone complains..  well, they fail.