Leveling Fishing.. Again

Ah fishing… every one’s favorite profession on WoW.


Personally, I don’t mind fishing.  It pairs well with playing Bejeweled (addon) and talking on Vent or listening to some music.

My first max-level alt, Coldarra, is out to get his fishing up.  Everything is always maxed on my warlock and I like to keep that the same across both characters.

I earned the [1000 Fish] achievement shortly after reaching around skill 280.  The great thing about fishing is that you can now stand in one spot forever to skill up off catching fish.  I skilled up my warlock’s fishing by actually having to go to higher zones in classic WoW and then doing the same for Outlands in TBC expansion.

This means you can skill up to about 30-50 and go stand outside the Wailing Caverns and fish up something good like [Deviate Fish]!

Players have it easy now when it comes to fishing, so if anyone complains..  well, they fail.

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