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Forums are Online

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May I introduce you to the Nowhere Left Website Forums! My old guild seems to be falling apart for good this time.  Between folks who are still in that guild and others who have left recently (or even months ago) — I figured that if I setup some forums then my friends could use them. If nothing, I can use this as a way of email (private message feature) to share links and such with some old friends.  I invite anyone to register/join — unless you’re a nuisance, otherwise you’ll be fine.  Forum pwns Email – Forum Link


Hello world v2.0

Posted on: has moved!  This website was originally part of a hosting plan on a friend’s account but now I fully host it on my own plan. Now has moved to (Due to some technical limitations, I had to choose a new domain if I wanted it to be on my account.) All plugins and such will be updated/installed and this website will be fully operational by the weekend. Thank you for your continued support!

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Halo 2 – Game / Website Coming Soon

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Long time, no post — was on vacation in Myrtle Beach, SC. I plan on reworking my site soon, there will be more then just a blog! (yay) I bought Halo 2 for PC yesterday, kinda because I like the Halo series and kinda because I’ve yet to play 2 & 3.  I’m slow, I know.  Might get a 360 one day, until then — PC Gamer all the way.  At least I can play on the Xbox live servers with friends while getting some DirectX10 action.