From Heroics to the Necropolis

Been skipping out a little with this blog but here’s an update on my holy priest Mazer.


Mazer is almost fully epic, after only being 80 for less than two weeks.  The only thing not currenty epic ilvl 200+ right now on him is a necklace.  He is wearing the Argent tournament necklace right now but he actually has the quest and item to get the necklace from Malygos 25man [Life-Binder’s Locket] thanks to the Naxx25 run last Saturday and some hot dice.
This is my first healing toon and being the first, I’ve never had the chance to heal in Classic WoW or the Burning Crusade expansion.  I did heal the 5man dungeons leveling up so I didn’t hit 80 as a complete noob.  After monitoring Recount all night, I was suprised and impressed with what I saw.  Mazer is holding his own against seasoned healers.  I was in the top 3 for healing in that 25man raid.
We ran a 10man Naxx Monday night after raid and again, Mazer was kicking some healing ass.  I two healed it along with a friend’s shaman healer alt.  Again, I was impressed with things.  We did not  wipe on any boss!
Not to say that I know all there is to healing right now.  I just realized that [Prayer of Healing] would actually heal not just my group but any group I target — and I had this realization during the Kel’Thuzad fight.

Thanks to the new addon, you can keep track of Mazer (or any of my character’s) progress through my profile found at:

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