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Coldarra wielder of Thunderfury

My DeathKnight Coldarra has completed the [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker] legendary sword from Molten Core tonight.

All I can say is that the RNG Gods favored him. I ran MC a few times this last month with him (solo) when I was bored.
So I ran MC last night, Monday, before raid reset – Bam – Garr dropped the Right Half of Thunderaan’s Eternal Prison. Tuesday came along today and I ran through it again (after I did on my warlock first of course) and – Bam – Baron drops the other half.

So I took the MATs I have saved for my Warlock (when the other half drops for him) and made the sword on my DK!
I’ll still be running MC weekly on the warlock til he gets it complete too!


Ansible, the Elemental Shaman

My latest level 80, the shaman named: Ansible. This makes my 6th level 80 character in WoW (or 5th maxed alt). However, Ansible is my first caster (DPS) alt so I’m really looking forward to what she can do with some gear. I do have my priest but I only ever plan to heal with him, normally as holy even though I’ll level to 85 as shadow spec.


Update: Been many weeks since the ding to 80 and now I have pretty much everything I’ll loot outside of doing some raids.

I still need my boots (and trinket) from that last guy in PoS Heroic… Scourgelord Tyrannus.


Deepholm the Patient Prot Pally

Been slacking a little with posting updates but here you go!

I present to you my level 80 Paladin, Deepholm!

This guy has actually been 80 for almost two weeks (from this post). The random dungeon finder graced me with the triumph the gear up fast to T9 232 ilvl average along with my ToC5 Heroic Sword!

I must admit I find my warrior to fill the tanking role better for my play style but this paladin has his own perks.

Level 80 Ding


Rackham, 80 Prot. Warrior

Despite the lack of posting about my new alts… I now have a level 80 Gnome Warrior!

Recently, I bought another WoW account (on sale for $5) and went through the recruit-a-friend process to link my two accounts together. Why do this? To gain the benefits of the R.A.F. of course! (I plan to post about my experience with the RAF later.)

It more or less allowed me to ‘pwrlvl’ him from 1-60 in a few days and from there I grinded to 68 in Outland. Once any of my characters hit 68, it will take me about a week to bump them to 80 thanks to the wonderfully laid out Northrend quests.

Thanks to patch 3.3’s [Emblem of Triumph] change, my newly leveled warrior only needs a handful more emblems for his (ilvl 245) helm and throwing weapon then he’ll be maxed-out gear wise. (With the exception of the new ICC 5mans and ToC & ICC raiding.) Not bad for a week’s worth of random heroics…


Hallowed Alts & Day of the Dead

Halloween is officially over in Azeroth today, it’s been replaced by Day of the Dead!

dayofdead This is a new event for players and it’s only celebrated f or two days, so be sure to go and get your easy 10pt. achievement [Dead Man’s Party]!

It’s as simple as go to any graveyard and /dance with Catrina there.  I was online at 1am server when the holiday was activated so I took all my level 80s out to get there achievement quick before retiring for the night.

You can also pickup the temporary (2-day) pet Macabre Marionette by buying an item to see Ghosts and giving the quest giver ghost a [Bread of the Dead]. The pattern can be bought from the other npc (Chapman) found at the graveyard, bring Simple Flour & Ice Cold Milk if you plan to cook your own.

On the Hallow’s End side of things, the Horseman’s mount still eludes me another year.  But I did trick or treat my way into the last 5 masks I needed for [A Mask for All Occasions]. I have some friends who have still not completed this achievement unfortunately.

Both of my 80 alts, Mazer & Coldarra, have the Hallowed title since I covered the meta achievement on both of them over the two week course.

This puts them at having 3 of 8 World Events completed since they both have [The Flame Warden] & [Brewmaster] from earlier this year. I’ll continue to work on my alts world event achievements as we go into to 2010 because my main character has completed them all.

mazer_hallowed coldarra_hallowed


Dualboxing the Simple Way

“Multiboxing is a term used to denote one user playing multiple accounts simultaneously.”

The wonderful world of Multiboxing is not for the faint of heart. However, running two WoW clients on the same PC with two monitors is much more manageable!


Dual Monitors -> Click for Larger Image - 3360px × 1080px

A friend of mine is kind enough to loan me his DeathKnight (or any character) while he’s AFK.  So I have to log on and abuse…erm–use his DK to clear some Stockades with my latest alt: Mage! I’ve grinded my 3rd alt from level 15 up to 24 (although I did quest for about one level in between).

My computer setup is simple (not a true multibox setup in my opinion):

Two monitors – Primary – 23” Widescreen LCD at 1920x1080 & Secondary – 19” Widescreen LCD at 1440x900.  Running in the center is my PC which is equipped with a AMD Phenom quad-core processor, 3GB of RAM and a GeForce 9800 GT 1024MB graphics card.  It’s not the most powerful thing out there but it definitely gets the job done.

If I had a second WoW account and wanted to truly multibox (using multiple PCs) then I have the software and articles at my disposal to do so — That day has not yet come. 
Until then, I’ll run two (or more) WoW clients on the same PC and use my two kick ass monitors to back me up for a full view on both games at all times.

More Screenshots below:


DeathKnight Point-of-View


Mage Point-of-View



From Heroics to the Necropolis

Been skipping out a little with this blog but here’s an update on my holy priest Mazer.


Mazer is almost fully epic, after only being 80 for less than two weeks.  The only thing not currenty epic ilvl 200+ right now on him is a necklace.  He is wearing the Argent tournament necklace right now but he actually has the quest and item to get the necklace from Malygos 25man [Life-Binder’s Locket] thanks to the Naxx25 run last Saturday and some hot dice.
This is my first healing toon and being the first, I’ve never had the chance to heal in Classic WoW or the Burning Crusade expansion.  I did heal the 5man dungeons leveling up so I didn’t hit 80 as a complete noob.  After monitoring Recount all night, I was suprised and impressed with what I saw.  Mazer is holding his own against seasoned healers.  I was in the top 3 for healing in that 25man raid.
We ran a 10man Naxx Monday night after raid and again, Mazer was kicking some healing ass.  I two healed it along with a friend’s shaman healer alt.  Again, I was impressed with things.  We did not  wipe on any boss!
Not to say that I know all there is to healing right now.  I just realized that [Prayer of Healing] would actually heal not just my group but any group I target — and I had this realization during the Kel’Thuzad fight.

Thanks to the new addon, you can keep track of Mazer (or any of my character’s) progress through my profile found at: