Hallowed Alts & Day of the Dead

Halloween is officially over in Azeroth today, it’s been replaced by Day of the Dead!

dayofdead This is a new event for players and it’s only celebrated f or two days, so be sure to go and get your easy 10pt. achievement [Dead Man’s Party]!

It’s as simple as go to any graveyard and /dance with Catrina there.  I was online at 1am server when the holiday was activated so I took all my level 80s out to get there achievement quick before retiring for the night.

You can also pickup the temporary (2-day) pet Macabre Marionette by buying an item to see Ghosts and giving the quest giver ghost a [Bread of the Dead]. The pattern can be bought from the other npc (Chapman) found at the graveyard, bring Simple Flour & Ice Cold Milk if you plan to cook your own.

On the Hallow’s End side of things, the Horseman’s mount still eludes me another year.  But I did trick or treat my way into the last 5 masks I needed for [A Mask for All Occasions]. I have some friends who have still not completed this achievement unfortunately.

Both of my 80 alts, Mazer & Coldarra, have the Hallowed title since I covered the meta achievement on both of them over the two week course.

This puts them at having 3 of 8 World Events completed since they both have [The Flame Warden] & [Brewmaster] from earlier this year. I’ll continue to work on my alts world event achievements as we go into to 2010 because my main character has completed them all.

mazer_hallowed coldarra_hallowed

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  1. I only recently became a high enough level to do these achievements to get the titles. On my main, I got the brewmaster title but this year, I did not get the hallowed helm, the only thing I need for the achievement. well, there is always next year.
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