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New Years 2013

My resolution: to blog more…

New Years Resolution 2013


PC Upgrade 2011

Christmas was simple this year, did not have a big family gathering. Simple is not bad though and my PC got some love. I built my current PC back in May (2011) with the base stats of Intel i5 3.2 GHz w/ 8GB DDR3 and my old 64GB SSD & GeForce GTS 250. The Holidays brought about some new additions:

Now my system is max’d at 16GB of RAM with two Solid-State Drives thus my operating system is once again booting at lightning speeds and I can keep my main games on the new SSD (such as WoW).
It’s good to be wireless once again with my headset as well!
I’m excited to use my new pen tablet and try out some web comic making eventually.


New Year, Same Main Character

And here we are, 2011. One more year til Mayan Apocalypse.. err and iPhone 5?

Happy Holidays Folks


Renewed.. Love is in the Air!

Well it’s time of the year again, the valentines are filled out & perfume/cologne is abused.

This year is different though! The in-game world event for Love is in the Air received a major face-lift this year. We have a completely different system for the [Love Token] and the needed achievement items / vanity items. Many sites like and MMO-Champ have laid out the details but it’s a good change to this holiday. You can now guarantee grabbing a Peddlefeet!

I’m actually not to worried about getting it complete on my alts with this nerf/change.

Here is a screenshot of the some of new content/quests:

Anyways, I made a short video clip of the new Love Boats that are available in various capital cities:


Happy Holidays 2009

Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Click me for Full Image Holiday View

Wanted to start out a new year, 2010 with a resolution to keep up with this website!


Turkinator Pilgrims

This World Event marks the last that my main character was lacking! Aside from a few achievements (that are not a necessity for)  I have all the World Metas completed on  Uriahworld!

As always, the two 80 alts need to follow through next and they did.



Claim Your Mohawk Grenades, Fool!

It’s time to Claim Your Mohawk Grenades, Fool!



Hallowed Alts & Day of the Dead

Halloween is officially over in Azeroth today, it’s been replaced by Day of the Dead!

dayofdead This is a new event for players and it’s only celebrated f or two days, so be sure to go and get your easy 10pt. achievement [Dead Man’s Party]!

It’s as simple as go to any graveyard and /dance with Catrina there.  I was online at 1am server when the holiday was activated so I took all my level 80s out to get there achievement quick before retiring for the night.

You can also pickup the temporary (2-day) pet Macabre Marionette by buying an item to see Ghosts and giving the quest giver ghost a [Bread of the Dead]. The pattern can be bought from the other npc (Chapman) found at the graveyard, bring Simple Flour & Ice Cold Milk if you plan to cook your own.

On the Hallow’s End side of things, the Horseman’s mount still eludes me another year.  But I did trick or treat my way into the last 5 masks I needed for [A Mask for All Occasions]. I have some friends who have still not completed this achievement unfortunately.

Both of my 80 alts, Mazer & Coldarra, have the Hallowed title since I covered the meta achievement on both of them over the two week course.

This puts them at having 3 of 8 World Events completed since they both have [The Flame Warden] & [Brewmaster] from earlier this year. I’ll continue to work on my alts world event achievements as we go into to 2010 because my main character has completed them all.

mazer_hallowed coldarra_hallowed


Pirates Day 2009

Yar mateys, it be Pirate’s Day & time for [The Captain’s Booty].

Click for Larger Image

Click for Larger Image

All three level 80s had a toast with the Captain! Tomorrow is Brewfest and Aion!



Hope everyone has a good day.


I’m still working on video editing…