My Lil’ KT & Monk

The Blizzard Store now has a few new additions to it, including what you see below!


Within an hour of there release, the Pandaren Monk & Lil’ K.T. were mine at the cost of $20.

This new move by Blizzard is dubbed ‘microtransactions’, which is basically the exchange of in-game items by means of direct purchase online (via the Blizzard Store). WoW Insider has a nice write-up on microtransactions if you’re interested in more info.

One of the nice things about this service is that it can be used for not just raising more money Activision Blizzard’s favor, but also for other organizations.  The current example is that, “For every Pandaren Monk that finds its way to a player’s side between now and the end of the year (December 31), we’ll donate 50 percent of the $10 purchasing price to the Make-a-Wish Foundation in an effort to brew up a little hope, strength, and joy in a child’s life.

product-lilkt Blizzard Store product-monk

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  1. I thin that this is cool for charity and stuff, but it makes me worry that blizz might go too far with this and wow might get an item shop like f2p mmo’s.

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