Mountain Dew Gamefuel Winner!

I won my first prize from the sweepstakes.


A Moutain Dew Game Fuel Messenger Bag should show up in the mail in 4-6 weeks!  For those of you earning and bidding with the tokens, I’d recommend going for the lower-sought items like this bag unless you really want something like the mouse.  You have a much higher chance of winning a bag or shirt if you bid 1500+ points on one, especially with the bids reaching about 5,000 on such items.

4 thoughts on “Mountain Dew Gamefuel Winner!

  1. Wow this is really nice. I am putting most of my tokens into this. How many tokens did y put in?

  2. I won my Bag on Day 2 or 3 of the contest. They were only going for around 4200 tokens at the time so if you used all 2000 on one bid then you had about a 50% chance of winning. I use all 2000 when I bid on something on the site.

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