Mazer, Level 80!

This is a little late but my priest Mazer hit level 80 Saturday, woot!


He is wearing a couple epics already thanks to tailoring and Valor tokens.  For 60 tokens, I bought [Cuffs of the Shadow Ascendant] a good set of BoE bracers to start out with. Tailoring wise, I crafted 4 pieces including: [Moonshroud Robe], [Moonshroud Gloves], [Wispcloak], and a [Hat of Wintry Doom].  The rest of his current gear is from the various quests and 5-man dungeons.  I’ve started with heroics so the 40 Emblem of Heroism belt will be coming soon!

I bought Dual Talent Specialization on Mazer back at level 60 something.  With this he was able to level as Shadow spec and heal 5man groups as Holy spec.  I’ve only been playing a priest since WOTLK really but I can tell that dual-spec was a godsend from the hybrid classes.  (My priest actually goes back to early BC but I never leveled him past 30 back then, Warlock4Life.) Learning and experiencing healing will hopefully teach me new things I did not know about the game, things that could help me with managing our guild healers in raids.

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