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Crusader Mazer

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My priest Mazer now has his Crusader title! I offered my healing services on him to the guild last night.  We’re really lacking bodies for Ulduar 25 and healing was down last night so there I am healing.  I was happy with the meters, #1 on Ignis and was pretty high on Kologarn as well.  We also down Auriaya to finish off the night.

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King(s) of the Fire Festival

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Well, today marks the end of 2009’s Midsummer Fire Festival (6/21 – 7/5). I must say that I’m glad the festival is a whole two weeks.  The start of my week-long family vacation this year was also the start of the festival in WoW. So the first thing I did when I arrived home last weekend was to go through and do the entire world event on my main character. After completing  [The Flame Warden] on my warlock I realized that he made at least 750g or more from doing the event!  From there I thought about my two level […]

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Mazer, Level 80!

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This is a little late but my priest Mazer hit level 80 Saturday, woot! He is wearing a couple epics already thanks to tailoring and Valor tokens.  For 60 tokens, I bought [Cuffs of the Shadow Ascendant] a good set of BoE bracers to start out with. Tailoring wise, I crafted 4 pieces including: [Moonshroud Robe], [Moonshroud Gloves], [Wispcloak], and a [Hat of Wintry Doom].  The rest of his current gear is from the various quests and 5-man dungeons.  I’ve started with heroics so the 40 Emblem of Heroism belt will be coming soon! I bought Dual Talent Specialization on […]