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First ilvl245 Item

Only thing new achievement wise is [Crazy Cat Lady (25 player)] but we cleared Ulduar 25 tonight up to Yogg/Algalon tonight.  So we’ll have a full night Sunday for Yogg, can’t wait to get him down.

We had the 1 Light encounter at 2% when he enraged last week, so we were close.  Aside from that, I need Kologarn and Iron Dwarf achievements to complete my meta.

Uriahworld the Exalted - 8/13/09

Uriahworld the Exalted - 8/13/09 (No Pet Out)

The new chest piece I’m wearing is the [Flowing Vestments of Ascent] (ilvl245) from 25man Normal Trial of the Crusader.  I still keep my 4/5 set bonus from T8 because I was wearing all 5 prior to this new loot from Icehowl.

In other news, I went ahead and bought the remaining Netherwing Drake mounts that I was missing (5 total for 1000g).  I’m sitting at 78/100 Mounts for [Mountain o’ Mounts].


Warlock Tier-9 Preview

MMO-Champion now has confirmation on the new tier-9 gear!
Blizzard: “In patch 3.2, Call of the Crusade, players will be able to work toward the all-new tier-9 class sets by competing in the Crusaders’ Coliseum. To keep with the themes of the Argent Tournament, players will notice this time around that the Horde and Alliance.”

It sounds good to me and the new Warlock armor looks more appealing then it’s previous tier-8 set.  However, I currently own a complete set of the Deathbringer Garb with four pieces being conqueror (heroic) grade.  The only item not conqueror grade are my [Valorous Deathbringer Shoulderpads] I just looted Thursday night.

Click below for a larger preview of the new set:


Alliance Warlock Tier 9

MMO-Champion also has a nice Class Q&A for Warlock available here: Warlock Q&A.


Mazer, Level 80!

This is a little late but my priest Mazer hit level 80 Saturday, woot!


He is wearing a couple epics already thanks to tailoring and Valor tokens.  For 60 tokens, I bought [Cuffs of the Shadow Ascendant] a good set of BoE bracers to start out with. Tailoring wise, I crafted 4 pieces including: [Moonshroud Robe], [Moonshroud Gloves], [Wispcloak], and a [Hat of Wintry Doom].  The rest of his current gear is from the various quests and 5-man dungeons.  I’ve started with heroics so the 40 Emblem of Heroism belt will be coming soon!

I bought Dual Talent Specialization on Mazer back at level 60 something.  With this he was able to level as Shadow spec and heal 5man groups as Holy spec.  I’ve only been playing a priest since WOTLK really but I can tell that dual-spec was a godsend from the hybrid classes.  (My priest actually goes back to early BC but I never leveled him past 30 back then, Warlock4Life.) Learning and experiencing healing will hopefully teach me new things I did not know about the game, things that could help me with managing our guild healers in raids.


Step Into The Arena

uriah-pvpgear-marchI payed my $20 almost a month ago for the 2009 WoW Arena Tournament.  I will admit that my main motivation for signing up was to get the Armored Murloc which only requires you to play 200 rated matches during the for qualifier weeks.

I took my [Step Into The Arena] last week with my friend  just to get the win one match achievement.  Look’s like I’ll get back into doing weekly Arenas on my live server Garona after this Tournament qualifier. The new dual-spec system will allow me to save costs by having a pure raid spec and a good arena/5man spec.

Back in the Burning Crusade I did arena a good bit but I have not touched on it since Wrath came out.  It was actually a good way to get some starter gear epics at level 70 for many people.  I used the gloves all the way until I looted my T6.