Magtheridon 4-Man

A friend and fellow guildie of mine is always out looking for old world bosses like Doom Lord Kazzak & Doomwalker
Why might you ask? So he can 2-4 man them for the gold and epic BoEs they drop. 
Well, I joined him for a Magtheridon gold run. Yeah — Mag is not a world boss, but he’ll do!

We originally tried this with his Shaman Healer, our Paladin Tank friend and my Warlock for a 3-man attempt. It was a little messy, so I switched to my DeathKnight alt — he needed the achievement anyways.  Even with my plate wearing / warlock wannabe skills, it was not enough but just barely.

So we pulled in another friend, a Boomkin to help me DPS the Channelers down on the fight (which I also had to pull out of the group from our tank and hold as we kill — must interrupt the heals!) After he joined it went much smoother and we finished off the last two Channelers as he broke his chains and entered the next phase.  Once the Channelers are down, the fight is a cakewalk to complete — what would have wiped us at 70 only tickles now.

The fight took almost 11 minutes with our setup: Tankadin, Boomkin, RestoShaman, UnholyDK (my alt) — 118 Gold looted to each of us and my DK won the bag drop.

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