Plagueworks Raiding

Update 1/26/09: Professor Putricide also is down!

The first gated content in Icecrown Citadel has opened up & I’m looking forward to it!

We had some good tries with Professor Putricide this first week but the 10 attempts were not enough to kill him off. We did take down Rotface & Festergut with relative ease though. I wish Blizzard would stray away from the limited attempts scenario for raid bosses but they have improved from Anub’arak.

Many guilds, even the ‘high-end’ ones really did not approve of such achievements as [A Tribute to Insanity]. Keeping achievements away from ‘how many attempts are remaining’ is what happened with Putricide. You can kill him with 10 attempts left or 1 attempt left, it has no negative ramifications (aside from repair bills).

I can live with limited attempts for bosses in ICC but the achievement-based bit that we saw in patch 3.2, with the Crusaders’ Coliseum, was really depressing at times.

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