iPhone Game: Glass Tower 2

Normally I don’t post non-PC related things but this game is too addicting for me not to mention it.

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“As its name aptly suggest, iDevUA’s Glass Tower 2 is a game app where a tower made of glass bricks presents itself as a puzzle – how do you get rid of the blue blocks without making the red blocks fall off? Simply tapping the blue blocks will obliterate them (with a satisfying shattering sound) and gain you points, but do this carelessly, and the red blocks will tumble off the platform and break, knocking points off your score as well as health points off your total lives.” (appSafari)

I’m not to sure what makes me want to sit and play this game until my iPhone Battery is about to die but it happens. This is the only the second game I’ve ever really got into since acquiring my iPhone. The other game I used to play often is called Earth Vs Moon.

In a nutshell, your goal is to destroy (touch) the blue blocks and keep the red ones from falling off. There is gravity pulling the blocks down and throughout the game certain modifiers and extra levels will float by that you can tap to powerup from them. One is the Freeze powerup which will freeze all blocks in place on the screen for a few seconds. Another is a Magnet like effect where blocks are pulled toward the center.

As far as cost, the game itself is free but the “Level Packs” cost $0.99 each, DLC like material. (There are 15 levels built into the core/free game.) Currently there are only 2 level packs and also an editor to make your own levels.

Wanna try it out? Download from iTunes below!


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