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iPhone Game: Glass Tower 2

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Normally I don’t post non-PC related things but this game is too addicting for me not to mention it. “As its name aptly suggest, iDevUA’s Glass Tower 2 is a game app where a tower made of glass bricks presents itself as a puzzle – how do you get rid of the blue blocks without making the red blocks fall off? Simply tapping the blue blocks will obliterate them (with a satisfying shattering sound) and gain you points, but do this carelessly, and the red blocks will tumble off the platform and break, knocking points off your score as well […]

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Halo 2 – Game / Website Coming Soon

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Long time, no post — was on vacation in Myrtle Beach, SC. I plan on reworking my site soon, there will be more then just a blog! (yay) I bought Halo 2 for PC yesterday, kinda because I like the Halo series and kinda because I’ve yet to play 2 & 3.  I’m slow, I know.  Might get a 360 one day, until then — PC Gamer all the way.  At least I can play on the Xbox live servers with friends while getting some DirectX10 action.