How to Fix $160 WoW Headset Mic

So I bought a Sound Blaster World Of Warcraft Wireless Headset about a month ago for $140 (on sale). And ever since using this headset, the earphone sound is great but many of my friends on Ventrilo hate the new mic!

After toying with every setting I can think of and trying to find a solution online, I stumbled upon my own small fix. Ever see the mics with a foam cap covering the tip — like the one to right side of this paragraph? That’s what you need!

Except I don’t have such a thing so I made my own after I realized how much better the mic would sound if I simply covered it with my hand.  So grabbing my scissors and snipping a small bit of foam material from a bed-memory foam thingy and grabbing some (new) toilet paper to wrap around the foam and hold with some scotch tape, I made the contraption you see below:

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