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July 3, 2011


Fun with Pistons in Minecraft

So the 1.7 Beta Patch hit Minecraft a few days ago and I was able to update my servers within about 36hours thanks to the folks at!

What has come of this patch? PISTONS! Visit for my MC Servers

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  1. Dogbird91
    Jul 23 2011

    I should really follow Bukkit more closely. I had no idea that they posted relevant
    Minecraftia facts and updates. That’s actually super useful.

    Nice piston art too. Did you fill that with water? If so, very
    Ingenious indeed.

  2. Jul 23 2011

    Yup, the water thing worked out well.

  3. Darwid
    Jul 25 2013

    *Just had mansion…
    Not anymore.
    Lava trap with pistons near wood = Q_Q

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