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New Net for 2012

Moved into my new apartment this last weekend (which is only about ~5mile from the old one).
BUT with this move I’ve switch Internet service providers! What does this mean? MORE SPEED 

My new upload is now a wonderful 3 megabit (or 375 kilobyte) per second. This means that I can now Livestream in glorious 720p HD. So look for some updates on that soon!

FYI: Internet companies generally advertise in Bits and not Bytes. Your computer normally displays speeds in Bytes (the smaller number) so to find that number just divide the bit amount by 8.

1 byte = 8 bits
3000 kilobit is 375 kilobytes.


Fun with Pistons in Minecraft

So the 1.7 Beta Patch hit Minecraft a few days ago and I was able to update my servers within about 36hours thanks to the folks at!

What has come of this patch? PISTONS! Visit for my MC Servers