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Champion Duties

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Just like a loyal solider, I’ve been keeping up with the Argent Tournament daily quests. Aside from about three weeks, my main has been doing his questing for the daily handful of [Champion’s Seal]. But he’s not alone, other characters of mine stay logged out in Icecrown for a reason. Ever since the mention of new rewards in patch 3.2 I’ve been keeping pace with questing for my seals. Prior to that announcement I was taking a small break from the daily quests.  However, now I’m doing all the Argent dailies on all three of my level 80 characters.  I’ll […]

Gaming , General , World of Warcraft

Ulduar (so far…)

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What have you been doing since the patch nine days ago? Studying for finals right! Er.. yeah.  Been busy with the changes in Patch 3.1 with Ulduar and the Argent Tournament dailies (and working on them finals). I really like our new Raid Instance so far.  The Guild has taken down two bosses including leaving 1 out of 4 towers up on the first boss (hard mode).  However, I’ve defeated three bosses on 10man already.  Will post more infos later.  I have dailies (and studying) to do. :D