Champion Duties

Just like a loyal solider, I’ve been keeping up with the Argent Tournament daily quests. Aside from about three weeks, my main has been doing his questing for the daily handful of [Champion’s Seal]. But he’s not alone, other characters of mine stay logged out in Icecrown for a reason.

My Tournament Lowrider - Click for a Larger Image

Ever since the mention of new rewards in patch 3.2 I’ve been keeping pace with questing for my seals. Prior to that announcement I was taking a small break from the daily quests.  However, now I’m doing all the Argent dailies on all three of my level 80 characters.  I’ll just use my alts to buy the Heirlooms Chest pieces (like for my Mage alt), then just buy pets and send them to my main or sell on the AuctionHouse.

By using my alt’s seals to grab the non-BindonPickup items, I can focus on buying up all the mounts on my main.  Does it take hours to do those quests on three characters every day?  Yes, but at least both of my alts can have the Crusader title soon with just a little push in the Alliance-cities faction department.  Completing some low level quests for each faction, along with [Champion’s Writs] will be more then enough to finish off Exalted factions needed for the final achievement.

One thing I do plan to purchase, as soon as the patch is released, is the upgrade for my [Argent Squire] pet.  He’ll then be able to act as a banker, merchant or as a mailbox every four hours (cooldown) for me.  There is a nice Youtube video posted from the PTR on the upgraded squire.

Tournament_DailyI’m feeling the anticipation for this patch (pretty much like every other major patch) as usual. With the current news, I’d guess that the release will be within a month, especially if Blizzard plans on releasing a new WoW expansion every year. New content, achievements, dungeons, and phatty loots.

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