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Getting Close to the ICC Meta

My Guild is getting close, inching evermore closer towards the ICC 10 meta achievement.

With Professor Putricide down (7/15/10), we now need Sindragosa on Heroic and to clean up a few more achievements for the [Glory of the Icecrown Raider (10 player)]. Unfortuently I had to sign off the Warlock and onto my Warrior tank (Rackham) for our first Professor Putricide kill but all in due time I suppose. (I did the same thing for our first LK kill.)

My ultimate personal goal for the Expansion is to complete end game content which is currently obtaining the [Reins of the Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher] (Meta Reward) and at least working on Heroic LK 10. My previous guild was a good one (Divinity) but never progressed nearly as far as I would have liked in previous end game scenarios. So I really do not want a repeat of that this time around, you can attribute that to my guild quit after three years of membership with them last year.

The sad part about this whole thing is that for 70,000 Gold I could go and buy the entire Meta achievement from our Server/Realm’s #1 PvE Guild (Edge). I had hoped to actually get this done and overwith before people started selling meta/mount runs for ICC10 but we are kinda close. 70k Gold is not chump change for me but it is still a hefty chunk of money for something in-game.

Anyways, along with Heroic Sindragosa, the guild currently needs: [Full House], [All You Can Eat], & [Been Waiting a Long Time for This].


Bad Mojo No More

My guild I’ve been apped to for the last month and a half <Bad Mojo> will no longer be competitive, at least not in the 25man area. Last night I left and joined my ‘bank’ guild I made years ago.

uriah-smokeychefThe following message is on the homepage of the guild website

It’s been a great run guys. Much love to you all for taking this from a guild where I sat on Vent almost 4 years ago wiping 5 hours to the Bat Boss in ZG and wondering how we’d ever get 40 people for MC to the force we’d become. The joke, to me, was that we were never supposed to survive and we were even less supposed to compete. Vets and Officers recall the cheers when we broke Garona top 30 after just finding out about the progression thread in Vanilla.

The days the days. But now, life calls and new things await us all. I’m sure I’ll toss up a few more updates including a final Bombay and perhaps some old nostalgic screens to recall the olden days. But for now, goodbye. Thank you to those who competed with us. Thank you to those who supported us. Most of all, thank you to those who said we couldn’t or shouldn’t and made us do it out of spite more than anything.

In the words of Warengine upon hearing Lunaris disbanded,
“They may be better, but we hang on like angry f**king badgers.”
Tonight the lights go dim. /salute.


Freya & Vezax Hard-Mode (25man)


Freya 3 Elder

Tonight we conquered Freya with 3 Elders up along with General Vezax on hard-mode (Saronite Animus)!

That’s two nice progression pushes in one night so it was a great feeling to get those out of the way.  We’ll be doing Yogg-One Light Sunday or Monday so I’m looking forward to that.

Check us out on Guildox at:


[Knock, Knock, Knock on Wood (25 player)]
[I Love the Smell of Saronite in the Morning (25 player)]


New Guild Tag

I’m now officially an applicant of <Bad Mojo> the guild I was recently trying-out with over the past week.  The app process can take up to a month from what I read, so I wonder how I’ll do.


I meant to post this after I was tagged (guild invited) Sunday night.  Sorry, been busy – side note: Patch 3.2 should be live when I wake up Tuesday!  Expect some info on that soon.


My 10man Ulduar (Trial Run)

Tonight I ran with my realm’s second best 25man progression guild in a 10man Ulduar.


In my current guild, the only hard-mode on 10man that we’ve attempted is XT-002 Deconstructor’s Heartbreaker. The guild I’m running with has completed the 10man Ulduar Meta Achievement.

So I read up on all hardmodes up to and including Mimiron.  I’m glad I did because they do all the 10man bosses on hardmode.

I got what seems like half my own meta achievement completed.  I had only done two towers on Flame Leviathan but now I have all these achievements from tonight: [Nuked from Orbit], [Orbit-uary], [Siffed], [Lose Your Illusion], [Heartbreaker], [I Could Say That This Cache Was Rare].

After tonight, I see why Affliction is not a popular choice for hardmodes.  The burst damage is just not there so I’ll need to use Destruction for some of the encounters.  My warlock has the dual-spec but I rarely use my secondary which is currently Destruction.  I’ll tweak it some so I can use it in a raid as well as practice with it outside of raid.