My 10man Ulduar (Trial Run)

Tonight I ran with my realm’s second best 25man progression guild in a 10man Ulduar.


In my current guild, the only hard-mode on 10man that we’ve attempted is XT-002 Deconstructor’s Heartbreaker. The guild I’m running with has completed the 10man Ulduar Meta Achievement.

So I read up on all hardmodes up to and including Mimiron.  I’m glad I did because they do all the 10man bosses on hardmode.

I got what seems like half my own meta achievement completed.  I had only done two towers on Flame Leviathan but now I have all these achievements from tonight: [Nuked from Orbit], [Orbit-uary], [Siffed], [Lose Your Illusion], [Heartbreaker], [I Could Say That This Cache Was Rare].

After tonight, I see why Affliction is not a popular choice for hardmodes.  The burst damage is just not there so I’ll need to use Destruction for some of the encounters.  My warlock has the dual-spec but I rarely use my secondary which is currently Destruction.  I’ll tweak it some so I can use it in a raid as well as practice with it outside of raid.


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