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Rusted Proto-Drake

Oh yes, I’m now riding around on my new [Rusted Proto-Drake] mount.


What does this mean?  It means that I’ve completed the [Glory of the Ulduar Raider (10 player)] achievement!  Our guild 10man knocked out every achievement needed for this mount in less then 5 hours. (I only needed about 1/3 of them but some folks got all of them in one night!)

I’m super psyched to get this done… not only is it a nice feat but it’s also a 310% mount reward which makes my first “extremely fast” mount.  I missed out on the pre-patch 3.1.0 meta achievements and now those mounts are not available anymore.


Where is there to go from here?

Well, there is Algalon (which I almost have my own [Celestial Planetarium Key] finished) to complete.  Not to mention the [Glory of the Ulduar Raider (25 player)] which we’re currently working  on during our official raid nights.  The only hard achievement for 25man I have left is Yogg-One Light in the Darkness, aside from that it’s just Iron Dwarf Medium Rare, Disarmed and Crazy Cat Lady.

Rusted Proto-Drake Mount (Click for larger Image)

Rusted Proto-Drake Mount (Click for larger Image)


Steelbreaker & Yogg 25man

We’ve been working on Yogg-One Light these last two raid nights this week.

We had him down to 2% Monday night when he enraged on us (and basically one-shot everyone).  But it was past offical raid-end so we activated the other 3 keepers and wiped-out Yogg since the reset was tomorrow.  We do not plan to use the new extend raid-lockout feature becasue that would shut-out Algalon for another week (you only have one hour to defeat him per lockout).

(Screenshot coming soon!)

The real excitement of last night was the first hour because it was the first time I had seen the Algalon encounter (in-game).  I have yet to fight him in 10man but I feel I was prepared for 25man; The fight is simple just like many players will tell you and how guides/videos will point out.  It’s all in the execution, not much of a learning curve at all.

I do think that doing the Assembly of Iron with Steelbreaker last is a very ‘on-edge’ fight.  I am glad we did it though, just the positioning keeps your attention but it’s not too bad once you have the strat down.  We did Steelbreaker Sunday night, prior to our Yogg tries.



Yogg One Light – 10man

Today was a fun day.  Today was the day that I saw Yogg-Saron for the first time (past phase one) and downed him on the second most difficult mode (One Light).



My 10man Ulduar (Trial Run)

Tonight I ran with my realm’s second best 25man progression guild in a 10man Ulduar.


In my current guild, the only hard-mode on 10man that we’ve attempted is XT-002 Deconstructor’s Heartbreaker. The guild I’m running with has completed the 10man Ulduar Meta Achievement.

So I read up on all hardmodes up to and including Mimiron.  I’m glad I did because they do all the 10man bosses on hardmode.

I got what seems like half my own meta achievement completed.  I had only done two towers on Flame Leviathan but now I have all these achievements from tonight: [Nuked from Orbit], [Orbit-uary], [Siffed], [Lose Your Illusion], [Heartbreaker], [I Could Say That This Cache Was Rare].

After tonight, I see why Affliction is not a popular choice for hardmodes.  The burst damage is just not there so I’ll need to use Destruction for some of the encounters.  My warlock has the dual-spec but I rarely use my secondary which is currently Destruction.  I’ll tweak it some so I can use it in a raid as well as practice with it outside of raid.



A look at Yoggy (10man)


Vezax Kill

The Faceless One, General Vezax has fallen!  Well for me anyways, this was the second guild kill on 10man.  I was staring at the Atlantic Ocean during the first kill (which was weeks ago sadly.)  But after a Mimiron one-shot, we moved onto three-shot Vezax.  He is simple with a DeathKnight tank, haxxor simple. We had our mage switch to her DK tank for the boss.

So we had to go see Yogg-Saron for a while.  I personally had not refreshed myself on the strat for tonight but most of t he raid had the same issue. So we just worked on him some to finish up our raid time.

Our Fail Attempts! Hehe

Our Fail Attempts! Hehe



For those who do not know,  V-07-TR-0N is the last phase in the Mimiron boss fight.  thorium10man
For the last two weeks, the guild 10-man group I run with have got to Mimiron which is the last boss we need for [The Keepers of Ulduar].
Glory screenshot of one-shot & first-time Thorim kill ->

So far we’ve completed: [Shutout][Nerf Gravity Bombs][I Choose You, Stormcaller Brundir][Nerf Engineering][Shattered][A Quick Shave][Orbital Bombardment][Orbital Devastation][Dwarfageddon][Must Deconstruct Faster][I Have the Coolest Friends]

We’ve only been running for an average 7 hours per week, just Fridays and Sundays since we run 25mans in the guild Monday through Thursday.


Ulduar (so far…)


What have you been doing since the patch nine days ago? Studying for finals right! Er.. yeah.  Been busy with the changes in Patch 3.1 with Ulduar and the Argent Tournament dailies (and working on them finals).

I really like our new Raid Instance so far.  The Guild has taken down two bosses including leaving 1 out of 4 towers up on the first boss (hard mode).  However, I’ve defeated three bosses on 10man already.  Will post more infos later.  I have dailies (and studying) to do. :D