A look at Yoggy (10man)

Vezax Kill

The Faceless One, General Vezax has fallen!  Well for me anyways, this was the second guild kill on 10man.  I was staring at the Atlantic Ocean during the first kill (which was weeks ago sadly.)  But after a Mimiron one-shot, we moved onto three-shot Vezax.  He is simple with a DeathKnight tank, haxxor simple. We had our mage switch to her DK tank for the boss.

So we had to go see Yogg-Saron for a while.  I personally had not refreshed myself on the strat for tonight but most of t he raid had the same issue. So we just worked on him some to finish up our raid time.

Our Fail Attempts! Hehe
Our Fail Attempts! Hehe

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