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Guild ICC Heroic Modes

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Tuesday was our first step into Heroic Modes with ICC10, three down so far! I think Icecrown Citadel, at least on Heroic, presents an interesting challenge for Raid Leaders. With the ability to toggle Heroic on and off, you have to make your own plan of attack such as who to focus on first. During our first week, we took out the first three bosses with relative ease but then the fourth, Saurfang, is a whole other ballgame. We ended up skipping him (killing him on normal mode) for this week so we could try other bosses on our way […]

Gaming , General , PvE , World of Warcraft

A look at Yoggy (10man)

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The Faceless One, General Vezax has fallen!  Well for me anyways, this was the second guild kill on 10man.  I was staring at the Atlantic Ocean during the first kill (which was weeks ago sadly.)  But after a Mimiron one-shot, we moved onto three-shot Vezax.  He is simple with a DeathKnight tank, haxxor simple. We had our mage switch to her DK tank for the boss. So we had to go see Yogg-Saron for a while.  I personally had not refreshed myself on the strat for tonight but most of t he raid had the same issue. So we just […]