For those who do not know,  V-07-TR-0N is the last phase in the Mimiron boss fight.  thorium10man
For the last two weeks, the guild 10-man group I run with have got to Mimiron which is the last boss we need for [The Keepers of Ulduar].
Glory screenshot of one-shot & first-time Thorim kill ->

So far we’ve completed: [Shutout][Nerf Gravity Bombs][I Choose You, Stormcaller Brundir][Nerf Engineering][Shattered][A Quick Shave][Orbital Bombardment][Orbital Devastation][Dwarfageddon][Must Deconstruct Faster][I Have the Coolest Friends]

We’ve only been running for an average 7 hours per week, just Fridays and Sundays since we run 25mans in the guild Monday through Thursday.

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