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Now with over 11,000 AP

Time for a Warcraft update. Finally went back into ICC 10 to finish off Heroic LichKing that we did not kill at the end of WOTLK due to raid attendance dropping as Cata approached (my guild completed our Meta though).

So anyways, I dragged 9 other souls back into ICC last week to do Heroic LK for the Guild Achievement (and to finish player/individual version). We went back this last Friday and completed the Meta for those who needed it that showed up for our H LK kill last week.

Total time played as of this post: 316 days
*on my main character alone

Profile: www.Warlock.Uriah.Me


Brewmaster Uriahworld haz Meta

Well I must say, [What A Long, Strange Trip It’s Been]

violet-proto-drake_uriahworldCompleting the meta required me to finish off Brewfest which I did!  You can check out Uriah’s Brewfest gear below:




Lil’ Game Hunter

Who would know that there are alligators in quests bags.

Click for Larger Image

Click for Larger Image

Chuck was my 75th pet so I also got the achievement [Lil’ Game Hunter] as soon as I summoned him.
Here’s my little Little Deer… that has basically no animation.

Click for Larger Image

Click for Larger Image

More points to come!



Salty Uriahworld

Bow before Salty Uriahworld.

Click for Larger Image

After a lucky Mr. Pinchy catch, I finished up the remaing achievements which was really just the [One That Didn’t Get Away].


Ironbound Proto-Drake

Because the Rusted Proto-Drake was sooo last week.


I’m very happy that [Disarmed] did not bug out on us.  And now I’m riding this baby (as seen above).

What now… Zero-Light Yogg Saron of course!




Almost there… feeling Disarmed

Many tonight rejoice in my guild <Bad Mojo>.

Tonight is the night that we’ve conquered [One Light in the Darkness (25 player)], the last achievement many needed to complete there meta for the wonderful proto-drake.


We took out Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare after killing Yogg with One light because many, like me, still needed that achievement.

Now the only achievement I need is the silly [Disarmed] one off of Kologarn to complete my meta.


Rusted Proto-Drake

Oh yes, I’m now riding around on my new [Rusted Proto-Drake] mount.


What does this mean?  It means that I’ve completed the [Glory of the Ulduar Raider (10 player)] achievement!  Our guild 10man knocked out every achievement needed for this mount in less then 5 hours. (I only needed about 1/3 of them but some folks got all of them in one night!)

I’m super psyched to get this done… not only is it a nice feat but it’s also a 310% mount reward which makes my first “extremely fast” mount.  I missed out on the pre-patch 3.1.0 meta achievements and now those mounts are not available anymore.


Where is there to go from here?

Well, there is Algalon (which I almost have my own [Celestial Planetarium Key] finished) to complete.  Not to mention the [Glory of the Ulduar Raider (25 player)] which we’re currently working  on during our official raid nights.  The only hard achievement for 25man I have left is Yogg-One Light in the Darkness, aside from that it’s just Iron Dwarf Medium Rare, Disarmed and Crazy Cat Lady.

Rusted Proto-Drake Mount (Click for larger Image)

Rusted Proto-Drake Mount (Click for larger Image)


Twilight Vanquisher Uriahworld

It’s about time…  Today I pugged 25man OS 3 Drake for my [The Twilight Zone (25 player)].

Another Title to add to the collection (Click for Larger Image)

Another Title to add to the collection (Click for Larger Image)

Despite the new title, I’ll stick with Uriahworld the Exalted for now.


Steelbreaker & Yogg 25man

We’ve been working on Yogg-One Light these last two raid nights this week.

We had him down to 2% Monday night when he enraged on us (and basically one-shot everyone).  But it was past offical raid-end so we activated the other 3 keepers and wiped-out Yogg since the reset was tomorrow.  We do not plan to use the new extend raid-lockout feature becasue that would shut-out Algalon for another week (you only have one hour to defeat him per lockout).

(Screenshot coming soon!)

The real excitement of last night was the first hour because it was the first time I had seen the Algalon encounter (in-game).  I have yet to fight him in 10man but I feel I was prepared for 25man; The fight is simple just like many players will tell you and how guides/videos will point out.  It’s all in the execution, not much of a learning curve at all.

I do think that doing the Assembly of Iron with Steelbreaker last is a very ‘on-edge’ fight.  I am glad we did it though, just the positioning keeps your attention but it’s not too bad once you have the strat down.  We did Steelbreaker Sunday night, prior to our Yogg tries.



Freya & Vezax Hard-Mode (25man)


Freya 3 Elder

Tonight we conquered Freya with 3 Elders up along with General Vezax on hard-mode (Saronite Animus)!

That’s two nice progression pushes in one night so it was a great feeling to get those out of the way.  We’ll be doing Yogg-One Light Sunday or Monday so I’m looking forward to that.

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[Knock, Knock, Knock on Wood (25 player)]
[I Love the Smell of Saronite in the Morning (25 player)]