Steelbreaker & Yogg 25man

We’ve been working on Yogg-One Light these last two raid nights this week.

We had him down to 2% Monday night when he enraged on us (and basically one-shot everyone).  But it was past offical raid-end so we activated the other 3 keepers and wiped-out Yogg since the reset was tomorrow.  We do not plan to use the new extend raid-lockout feature becasue that would shut-out Algalon for another week (you only have one hour to defeat him per lockout).

(Screenshot coming soon!)

The real excitement of last night was the first hour because it was the first time I had seen the Algalon encounter (in-game).  I have yet to fight him in 10man but I feel I was prepared for 25man; The fight is simple just like many players will tell you and how guides/videos will point out.  It’s all in the execution, not much of a learning curve at all.

I do think that doing the Assembly of Iron with Steelbreaker last is a very ‘on-edge’ fight.  I am glad we did it though, just the positioning keeps your attention but it’s not too bad once you have the strat down.  We did Steelbreaker Sunday night, prior to our Yogg tries.


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