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Now with over 11,000 AP

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Time for a Warcraft update. Finally went back into ICC 10 to finish off Heroic LichKing that we did not kill at the end of WOTLK due to raid attendance dropping as Cata approached (my guild completed our Meta though). So anyways, I dragged 9 other souls back into ICC last week to do Heroic LK for the Guild Achievement (and to finish player/individual version). We went back this last Friday and completed the Meta for those who needed it that showed up for our H LK kill last week. Total time played as of this post: 316 days *on […]

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Arthas be Dead

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Well the we have finally downed Lich King! Unfortunately I had to use my warrior… Due to the wondrous nature of 10man Raiding Guild Recruitment, I bit the bullet and just brought my alt Prot Warrior Rackham in for our first Lich King kill. Although having the Kingslayer title on my alt is amusing, I will be on my Warlock next time fulfilling my proper role in raid, to melt faces. We actually downed him on our last go for the night as Raid End time passed as we were doing the encounter. Always nice to grab the kill even […]