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Back to Class..

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Today, my two week (spring?) break from classes comes to a close… What did I do in this two week span of time, you ask? Now it’s back to being somewhat productive by attending classes towards my Network Systems Administration Degree! To support the “Get a Life” cause, I also gave the notice when I arrived home from vacation that I would be stepping down as a Leader (1 of 3) in the guild.  (Which I had to log our AFK from game GM on to do…)  

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Iron Man – Movie Take II

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So I read online (a friend linked me) about something shown at the END of ALL the credits on Iron Man (in theaters).  Slightly disgusted for not staying/knowing about it… I went and saw the movie again (although with a friend this time).  It was a good surprise at the end and I’m not gonna ruin it for people who have not seen it. GO SEE THE MOVIE!  [FYI – Cam versions (of any movie) suck, period.]