Do the Dew

After long last, I finally get my hands on some World of Warcraft Mt. Dew Gaming Fuel

mtdew WoW

I discovered this find about 30 minutes ago in my college’s cafeteria!  Take that Walmart…
So far, I’ve downed most of the Alliance bottle–which I seem to favor over the Horde.  Not just for obvious reasons but for the flavor and taste.  The citrus in the Horde mix just does not top the Alliance’s wild fruitiness.

Enjoy the wonderfully low-quality pictures from my cheap Net10 cell phone:


One thought on “Do the Dew

  1. I saw some of this stuff for the first time today at a deli in my town. I was kinda upset they only had orc blood flavored (horde red if you didn’t know). I thought it was good but a can’t wait to try tainted Darnassian water. From what I hear, they just fill up the bottles with water from darnassus. Like fuji water, but with a night elven twist.

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