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I usually do not cover mods on this blog, so I thought I better give it a try! This addon (in my opinion) is the best for a MasterLooter. It should be of interest to any Raid Leader/Master Looter. The project manager Xuerian Highly configurable master looter dropdown menu” edition to Xloot and I describe it as MasterLooting Done Simple and Easy.

From the configuration interface (/xloot options), you can set different options for solo mode or as MasterLooter. You can set it to announce when someone receives a certain type of loot (epic, superior, etc.) to the raid or guild. Also it can track rolls which is great if you do not already have a roll meter addon. describes this addon as a ”

I have mine set to link all epic loot when I click the Link button in the lower-right hand corner of the loot window.  This keeps the raid from all piling on the boss to see what dropped when they should be rezzing or moving onto the next objective.

The real value for me is the feature that it divides your 25man raid into Class categories instead of the default raid Groups.  This cuts down the time it takes to actually distribute the item since you do not need to hunt the player down by group–only by class!  It’s also nice to have the item’s name right there in the window without the need to hover over item by item.

Also available are two addons: XLootGroup and XLootMonitor that work with XLoot.
You do need to have XLoot installed in order for XLootMaster to function.

Download XLoot & XLootMaster at Curse

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