PvP Time?

Currently, my main is sitting at 630 achievements (6735 pts) which is not too bad.. but like any other addict, I want more! My friend Arcticsky has the most points in the guild (I’m #2) and she is ahead of me by a good 1100+ point lead.

Not a full set of PvP Gear but I have some nice pieces.

I think it’s time to start on those PvP achievements… like [Battlemaster]!  I did accomplish The Exalted after-all, many months ago.  That took me back to finish many classic WoW factions.

Hey, dream big — right?  I think I’ll go for Loremaster before I would Battlemaster, but I do plan to start working on many PvP achievements to bump my rank/points up some.

I know many guildies are interested in doing some pre-made PvP battleground raids.  I’ll just have to get into that with them — here I come hordies

wowTwitter note: I submitted a screenshot at:wowtwitter_pvp-blast-small

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